"SeaStar is a blend of both the old and the new, the tranquil and passionate, the dramatic and playful. They are equal parts storyteller and muse, weaving a tapestry of poetry and music while leaving enough breathing room for the audience to dream and contemplate" (Seattle Night Out)

" An exceptionally strong vocalist..." (San Diego Troubadour)

".. folky, passionate, Celtic-y....you had my heart dancing!" (Index Arts Fest)

"..the voice... I thought I was listening to an angel..." (Yakima Folklife)

SeaStar hails from the rainy town of Seattle.

Since their beginnings in 2007, SeaStar's music has been described as both "timeless" and "authentic". From dusty Americana postcards, to Celtic anthems with hints of bluegrass and old-time, to passionate ballads, and award winning story songs, SeaStar takes their audiences on a musical journey of history and tradition. Fae Wiedenhoeft's (pronounced Wee-den-hauft) powerful vocals carry contagious, original melodies and deliver singable choruses that will keep you singing for hours after their shows. Fae's finely crafted compositions and velvet voice are loved and revered by many across the globe. Her songs tangle truth, whimsy, and the passions of the human heart into a beautiful oasis from the ordinary.

SeaStar's love for musical storytelling is only surpassed by their desire to share it with others. They have played across the US, Canada, Ireland, Turkey, Poland, England, France, and Scotland, sharing the stage with folk legends like Dougie MacLean. Be it a small house concert or a large concert hall, Fae will invite you in, sing you a tale, and make it feel as if she is singing it just to you.

Available now!
Sinners and Angels

SeaStar's fourth studio album!

15 tracks!

Sinners and Angels is the record with all the pub favorites, the rowdy drinking songs, the heart breakers from Ireland and Scotland, and a few originals to keep it in the family. It is whiskey. It is beer. It is history.

Available for immediate download at iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp!

Look for us on Spotify and Pandora too!

New Songs Demo!
August 30, 2019

This recording was captured at the end of May, 2019, at Four Lumen Studio as a demo for the lads of SeaStar to rehearse with while Fae was teaching in Poland.
It features Fae, her guitar, and her newest songs caught in a "quick & dirty", best of two takes arrangement.
This recording was never meant to see the light of day nor to be allowed to set sail in the world for public listening: but, alas, after much demand,
here it is!
These songs were in the process of being rerecorded until the shutdown. Once it's safe to return to Paradise Sound Studio, in Index, WA, we will return continuing with full band arrangement, and look for SeaStar’s upcoming album due late Summer 2021.
Stay tuned!

Our New Music Video!
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