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"Fae Wiedenhoeft's voice is the siren's call to the Celtic heart." (CD Baby)

".. one of the best kept secrets in the Celtic world."
(Fan, Port Gamble Maritime Music Fest)

"..the voice... I thought I was listening to an angel..."
(Yakima Folklife)

" An exceptionally strong vocalist..." (San Diego Troubadour)

With a velvet voice, a hearty laugh, and the traditions of the Celtic winds, Fae Wiedenhoeft (pronounced Wee-den-hauft) takes her listeners on a musical journey through history and tradition. Fae is an award winning songwriter. Her finely crafted tunes and classically trained voice are loved and revered by many across the globe. Her songs tangle truth, whimsy, and the passions of the human heart. She creates a beautiful escape from the ordinary with her traditional sounding compositions, singable choruses, and heart breaking melodies. She is also an accomplished musician as she accompanies herself with guitar, mandolin, accordion, banjo, bodhran, tin whistle, piano and more! She has toured across the US, Canada, Ireland, Turkey, Poland, England, France, and Scotland, sharing the stage with folk legends like Dougie MacLean.

"...your treatment of love in your songs reminds me of Kate Wolf's melancholy appreciation of the joy and fragileness of our relations with each other..."
(Orville T. Murphy, author)

"Never Go Back"
the new record by SeaStar
Is On Sale Now!

Never Go Back, is the third release from Seattle band, SeaStar. Since their beginnings in 2007, SeaStar’s music has been described as both “timeless” and “authentic”. In this latest collection of dusty dreams and salty seas, award winning singer songwriter, Fae Wiedenhoeft, presents her powerful vocals, contagious melodies, and singable choruses in a tea party fusion of Celtic, Folk, Americana, and Bluegrass.

Alongside of Wiedenhoeft’s vocals are band members Captain Chambers (bass), Michael Falcone (piano, vocals, percussion), and Ron Allen (acoustic, electric, and slide guitar). Fae also plays guitar, mandolin, banjo, and accordion on the album. Together, they support the songs effortlessly through a variety of different moods: dusty Americana postcards, fiery Celtic anthems with hints of bluegrass and old-time, as well as thier signature passionate ballads.

Never Go Back stands as a strong listen from start to finish, full of thoughtful, fun stories that at once assert their individuality yet join together as a solid work. The album also features the multi-award winning song, "The Little Western". This tune achieved First Place in the Robert Kotta Songwriting Contest as well as Second Place in the Seattle Maritime Festival's Stories of the Sea Contest.

Released 23 August 2016

Available at itunes, CDBaby, Amazon, & Bandcamp.

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Learn Voice, Guitar, Ukulele, Penny Whistle, Bodhran, & More!
Syren's Voice Studio
Home to international recording performer
award winning songwriter, & Grammy Association Voting Member,
Fae Wiedenhoeft

Fae is not only a gifted performer, she is a talented teacher as well. Conducting lessons out of a 1923 Caboose, Fae, who is classically trained and holds a BFA degree in Musical Theatre performance, teaches many styles of music, tailors each lesson for every student, and challenges her students to reach into music theory, and even performance, as she hosts three recitals every year.

Fae has taught internationally, bringing with her a passion for music understanding, excellent commumication skills, patience and a deep respect for culture. She is adapable, resourceful, and has experience with learning disablities and special needs. Her studio in Bothell, Washington maintains a steady roster of 20+ students ranging in ages 6 - 72. She often has a wait list for weekly lessons.

Fae is available for workshops in different specialties ranging from voice and guitar to songwriting to audition preparation to Advance Bodhran. She also conducts a yearly summer camp for ages 7 - 14.

To learn more about Fae's studio and her lessons

Another win!
Fae takes First Place in
Robert Kotta Memorial Songwriting Contest!

August 8, 2015 -- Port Gamble, Washington

Each year, Maritime Folknet holds a songwriting competition to encourage more songs to be written about maritime life in the Northwest, past and present. The contest is open to all, free to enter, and is dedicated to the memory of an important part of the Northwest maritime music story.

Fae Wiedenhoeft received first place for her song "The Little Western". "The Little Western" is a true story about two fearless captains who crossed the Atlantic in a 16' dory fishing boat not once but two times in 1880. Fae performed the song with two of her SeaStar bandmates, Ron Allen and Captain Chambers, at the Port Gamble Maritime Music Festival in Port Gamble Washington this past Saturday. The topic for this year's competition was Voyages. Fae's storytelling imagery in the tune was highly noted. The song will be released on SeaStar's next record which is expected in early 2016.

2015 Robert Kotta Memorial Contest Winners
Contest Theme: Voyages

First Place: Fae Wiedenhoeft for composing
"The Little Western"

Second Place: Pierre Rose for composing
"Running the Easting Down"

Third Place: Jan and Jim Zucher for composing
"Sail Ye Off"

The Contest's Namesake

An integral part of Northwest maritime musical history, Bob Kotta was born in California. Portland was the first stop on his folk journey. He was a founder of the seminal folk group, Howling Gael, which produced two albums and performed all around America, and in Ireland and the UK as well.
Eventually he was led to Seattle, where he, William Pint, and Paul Smith performed as the folk group, Copperfield and also as Ellipsis. There were several releases from both bands, and they toured internationally. He is a featured performer on the Victory Music CD, "Victory at Sea", and can be heard on CDs of several notable chantey singers, including Tom Lewis. During this time, he worked for NW Seaport as a Director of Education, leading tours and teaching both children and adults about the age of sail, using the Wawona as the backdrop. He also ran the music program for the Seaport and booked many great acts on the stage of Wawona. He was a gifted songwriter, penning many songs, including "A Hundred Years Ago" with Mariide, and writing several hilarious parodies, including "Bug-eyed Sprite" and "Tequila in the Jar".

On the ferry back to Seattle after accepting her First Place Award at the Port Gamble Maritime Music Festival

Fae and the two-thirds of the lads of SeaStar

Castle Walls

The New Record from
Fae Wiedenhoeft

Round the Castle Walls, one finds
mystery, history,
and the echoes of love & loss.
The new record, from, awarding winning, Seattle based, singer-songwriter,
Fae Wiedenhoeft,
will pull at your heart, sing to you of sweet sadness, and remind you that all is not lost.

The new record, Castle Walls, is composed of some of Fae's earliest works, traditional pieces that she adores, and a few of her latest tales. Like a castle wall, the record contains some foundational songs that Fae performed very early in her career. Stone by stone, story after story, the journey continued. Mastered by Seattle legend, Chris Hanzsek and recorded by Ron Allen at Four Lumen Studio in Kirkland, Washington, Fae crossed the Atlantic four times during the recording process. The record and arrangements seemed to be seasoned by her travels. The echoes of castle winds mingled with the tunes from little birds in central Europe. From the majestic to the down trodden, Fae wove together the threads of her travels into a colourful tapestry of voice, guitar, and dreamy landscapes.

Castle Walls is a fine example of a songwriter's journey through mystery, history, love, and loss.

Castle Walls
Available for immedate download at

Itunes, CDBaby, Amazon, & Bandcamp.

Fae sings at
Celtic Connections in Glasgow
20 January 2014!

On 10th of January, Fae received word to play at the world famous Celtic Connections Music Festival in Glasgow Scotland. She and 60 other acts took to the Danny Kyle Open Stage to bring new talent into this exciting and prestigious Celtic Festival . The festival hosts talent like Dougie MacLean, Capercaillie, Julie Fowlis, Suzanne Vega, and more! Fae flew out and attended the entire 2 week long musical adventure. Her performance was on 20 January 2014 at the auditorium at Adelaide's, which is an old church dating back to the late 1800s. Her songs and voice were well received and she had a great time! Her performance was recorded and can be listened to at Celtic Music Radio

Fae was happy to be reunited with musical friends like Marc Clement, Gordon Gunn, Charlie McKerron, Ross Ainslie, Laura Beth Salter, Lorne MacDougal, and Jonnie Hardie. The time was spent networking, jamming, and seeing some incredible talent from the UK, Europe, Australia, and South Africa.

Fae is currently working on a solo album and will release it in spring. Keep checking our news feed for more information!

Thanks to Dougie and the Perthshire Amber Festival Crew! We are very honoured to have shared our music at this wonderful festival.
We met so many new musical friends and discovered such beauty in Perthshire.
Our hearts are full!
SeaStar plays Perthshire Amber! Scotland!

Created by folk legend, Dougie Maclean, the Perthshire Amber Festival features the finest of Scotland's musical talent as well as some international guests. The venues range from the prestigious Perth Concert Hall to town halls and tiny village halls, atmospheric castles, the historic Dunkeld Cathedral, and an iron age Crannog on Loch Tay! And SeaStar was part of it!

SeaStar playing the Perth Concert Hall 2 November 2013. Photo by Rosie Leitch

How it happened...

Dougie met Fae, Captain, and Doug Hayman (one of the founding members of SeaStar) while he was on tour of North America. Dougie played the MOHAI in Seattle and, after the show, Fae asked Dougie if she could buy him a wee pint. He said, 'just one.' A few pints and some grand conversation later, they said farewell. Dougie brought a CD memento back to Scotland and Jenny, Dougie's wife, loved Fae's velvet voice and the bands close harmonies! An invitation ensued and
SeaStar made the 2013 program!

Fae wins First Place in
Bob Kotta Memorial Songwriting Contest!

August 10, 2013 -- Port Gamble, Washington

Fae Wiedenhoeft received her first ever award for songwriting at the Port Gamble Maritime Music Festival in Port Gamble Washington. Her song "Sailor" was well received by the panel judges. Her imagery in the tune was highly noted. She and Captain Chambers performed "Sailor" at the festival with Mike Freeman on percussion. The song will be released on SeaStar's next record "North Winds" due out early September 2013.

Bob Kotta was a Northwest musical force of nature. His band Howling Gael hailed from Portland, Oregon, and released two albums on vinyl in the late 1970's on the small Grassroots Music label. They became very popular amongst the locals and abroad. Their musicianship is exceptional and very pleasing to the ears of anyone who enjoys Irish and Old English folk music.

Fae on the ferry back to Seattle with her award!
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