I am an Award Winning, Singer Songwriter,
Voting Member of the Recording Academy,
Working Musician,
Music Instructor,
and Owner of Syren's Voice.

With a song on my lips and
a melody in my heart,
I can face anything in the world.
Music frees my mind & nurtures my soul!
I couldn't imagine my life without it!
It's nice to meet you!

I have been singing since before I could form words. After years of private concerts in my backyard for squirrels and friends, I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Performance from Roosevelt University in Chicago. During this time, I actively performed with professional and community theatre companies. Upon graduation, I was offered a contract in Victoria, BC to sing at the World Famous Buchart Gardens for three consecutive summers with a well known Celtic band, Kitangus. My stay in British Columbia kick started my teaching career as well as prompted many other music projects. I have composed original music as well as performed on five CDs recorded, manufactured, and sold in Canada. Stateside, I have over a dozen CDs. My latest can be found Here. I am a working musician in the Seattle area and have had many opportunities to perform at multiple festivals, private house concerts, Women in Music events, and the Northwest FolkLife Festival for over five years. I have toured throughout the US, Canada, Ireland, Turkey, Scotland, Poland, England, and France. I am always looking to explore other cultures and soak in traditional music whenever I can.

I recently have returned from my third fine arts summer camp, teaching guitar, ukulele, and voice, in Poland as part of the Kościuszko Foundation's Teaching English in Poland program. I had the privilege and honour to instruct 64 high school level students for 2 weeks at Nadwarciański Grod in Załęczu Wielkie, Poland. The students' grasp on English varied greatly; as a teacher, this was a wonderful experience in being adaptive. During this time I interacted with over 101 students in total, middle school to high school level. It was one of the pinnacle times in my life. I wrote a song about it in 2014 while I was at my first camp. You can hear it here We closed the 2019 summer camp with all 101 students and 30+ staff members singing. What an adventure!

In 2013, I became a voting member of the Recording Academy, or the Grammy Awards. This professional link keeps me swimming within the industry of professional music. As a songwriter and educator, it is important to me to keep current within the ever changing laws of streaming music, performance royalities, and peer recognition. I am very grateful for my Pacific Northwest Grammy Family.

In 2009, I became a certified Musikgarten Teacher in Family Music for Babies and Toddlers, Cycles of the Seasons, and Music Makers at Home/Around the world. At this time, I do not have the availability for group classes, due to the demand for private lessons; but, I do hope that it is something that may form in the future.

My philosophy is simple: music is fun. I believe in musical excellence, discipline, technique, and performance. I believe in the importance of setting personal goals and in establishing the necessary structure to attain them. A music lesson is a collaboration between a teacher and a student, each of whom bring individual experiences, knowledge, personality and passion to the art of making music. My goal is to inspire confidence in others both as musicians and as individuals.

Music is a life long love!

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