Learn to Sing!
Build Confidence! Improve your Speaking voice!
Learn Breath Control! Improve your Posture!

Currently accepting new students!
All Levels welcomed!
Learning to sing is FUN!
You can do it! Even if you think that you can't sing, I bet you can!
It's all about patience, listening, and practice!

All Voice Lessons are tailored to the student’s abilities and interests.

I will work with your individual vocal needs by developing a suitable vocal technique. This means breathing, releasing the sound, getting an efficient, effective tone and extending the range where necessary. We will explore various vocal styles, musical theory, and improvisation too!

I teach a broad range of styles from musical theatre, folk, Celtic, rock, contemporary, jazz and some classical. My students vary in age and ability. The foundation of good singing is the same for all styles. I do not accept just anyone as a student. I prefer to teach people who really want to learn and have a passion for what they do.

How long will this take? Well, that depends on your goals. Students ages 7 - 12 usually schedule a 30 minute lesson, while students age 13 through adult may feel that a 45 or 60 minute lesson will do the trick. Just as for any other instrument, weekly lessons are essential. If a students really is motivated to train their voice, a regular lesson time and regular home practice is necessary to hear and feel results.

What are you Goals? Having goals for voice lessons is so helpful! Do you want to audition for musicals, community theater or college acceptance auditions? Do you want to sing for friends and family or have dreams of going professional? Do you want to inspire confidence within yourself to just sing out listening to the radio? All of these goals are attainable! I will work with you to achieve your goals! You can do this! It's all a part of us!

Students may bring material they wish to work on and I will recommend music that would be appropriate for their voice type.

New students may start at any time during the year. Lessons are held weekly and tuition payments are made monthly. Lessons are conducted at the Caboose in Country Village located in Bothell.

Monthly lesson rates:

$115 for 4 - 30 minute lessons
$173 for 4 - 45 minute lessons
$230 for 4 - 60 minute lessons

Drop in rates:
I do not like to run my studio like a gym or yoga studio; but, I also understand that a student may need a brush up on a piece of music for an audition or performance. This would be considered a drop in.

1 - 30 min lesson $35
1 - 45 min lesson $52.50
1 - 60 min lesson $70


Please note that Recital fees are not included. Recital enrollment is $10 per recital and student must be invited to perform if working on drop in rate.

Students are required to purchase their own books.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or telephone me 918-231-6413.

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