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One of a kind!
"My daughters' ages 9 and 10 have been taking voice/music lessons from Fae for almost a year and a half now and they absolutely adore Fae. After each lesson they come home with smiles on their faces, twinkles in their eyes and an eagerness to sing/play their songs. Fae is an amazingly positive, patient and encouraging role model for children discovering and growing their singing and musical talents.

Not only is Fae influential in developing core singing/music skills but equally as important she is influential in building confidence! A year ago, my 9 year old daughter was so frightened to step on a stage and sing in front of an audience that she had to have her big sister stand alongside her for her first recital. At the second recital she sang alone and has been ever since! Having the confidence to stand up and sing or speak in front of an audience is a skill that many of us are often uncomfortable performing so to see my young children being able to practice and develop this skill in a safe and positive environment at such a young age is truly priceless.

I come from a family of some pretty talented singers/musicians and they are all just amazed at how the girls’ voices have grown over the past year. I truly look forward to many more years of my children developing and strengthening their singing/musical talents with Fae. Fae really is one of a kind and just has a way of bringing out the absolute best in people!" -- Heather Tillo
Worth it 100%!!!
"My daughter has worked with Fae for over a year now and she absolutely loves it!!! Her time with Fae has increased her confidence and has nurtured her love of music and singing!!! As most families we are picky as to what we spend our time and money on, and Fae has been worth it 100%!!!" -- Lisa Fulton
I never get bored!
"I love working with Fae. She has helped me clarify my singing goals and identifies the exercises and song selections that will help me reach those goals. I also love that she has a variety of warm ups and exercises so that I never get bored. Fae is helping me build my confidence not only in my singing, but in my life. She brings the perfect mix of fun, expertise and challenge to our work together." -- Elise Touchette
Feel Comfortable!
"Fae is wonderful! She is very talented herself but also knows how to teach. She'll make you feel comfortable and help you have fun at your lessons." -- Christina Auchterlonie
Highly Recommend!
"Fae has been teaching our girls voice, guitar and ukulele since September of 2014. They have performed in 2 recitals and we have noticed marked improvement in their musical skills and confidence. Fae is very patient and pleasant. She is truly an excellent and talented teacher. Our kids have always looked forward to music class even after a tiring day at school. We are very happy and proud of their progress. We highly recommend Syren's Voice Studio!" -- Emir and Maria Reyes
A gifted, patient teacher!
"Prior to taking singing lessons from Syren's Voice, my last public musical performance was in the 6th grade musical. Now I am an adult, and when I went to public events where we sang the National Anthem, I would sing the notes I could reach, and mouth the rest. I had given a lot of thought to taking singing lessons 'one day' and then happened upon the caboose at Country Village, so I took the plunge. Fae Wiedenhoeft is a gifted, patient teacher. She is very encouraging and knows music performance as well as theory. Now I can sing the National Anthem or anything else I wish with confidence and wider vocal range. I would recommend lessons to anyone, be they seeking performance or simply personal pleasure" -- LP Age 61
Teacher Extraordinaire!
"Fae is an incredible person and teacher. She has a keen intuition and warmth that results in each student feeling completely comfortable and confident. Just the right balance of skills and personality! We are very happy to have found her. She is Helpful, Engaging, Encouraging, Smart, Patient, Funny, Fun, Good communicator" -- Nancy Chibazakura (Marina's mom)
So Supportive!
"Fae is a wonderful teacher who really knows her stuff." -- Carolyn Russo
Brightens Hearts & Lightens Days !
"Fae has so many qualities that set her apart. It is a pleasure to be with her. She is a wonderful person, gentle and patient, with a special gift for sharing music." -- Fran
Encouraging Beyond Words!
"I've been working with Fae for almost a year now. I look forward to every lesson. She's become a friend and mentor not just a voice teacher. You can count on her to help your voice sound amazing and your heart come alive with creativity--even if you stubbornly resist. I am very thankful for Fae.-- Shannon Schaaff
Brings Happiness to You Through Music
"I have taken voice lessons from Fae for the last year and a half. Each lesson I leave with a smile on my face and pure excitement to learn the next song. It is amazing learning from Fae. She is great for students of all ages." -- Stephanie Grey
Very Musical, Creative, and Dedicated
"Hello to all who look for a great teacher -look no longer! Fae is the most wonderful teacher a student could hope for. Not only is she extremely talented but also she is a great person with excellent communication skills. Once you are in her company, you will enter the world of music - not only by listening and reading but also by experiencing, communicating and feeling it. Raise your voice with this Great Spirit who has traveled this world and is so excited to take someone with her and to show him or her how accessible music is- to everyone." -- Melody Benbow
Syren's Voice Studio
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