Tuition is due before the lesson begins.
If you are taking monthly lessons, tuition is due at the FIRST LESSON of each month.

Monthly Prices
4 - 30 min lessons $115
4 - 45 min lessons $173
4- 60 min lessons $230
Cash and Checks payable to Syren's Voice are accepted.


Students are required to arrive on time with all music books and folders needed for that day's lesson. Please call or text if you will be more than 5 minutes late. Facebook or email is not sufficient since I do not have Internet at the studio. Please prepare yourself with enough time to arrive at lessons. If you are late, that time is not made up. Repeated lateness will not be tolerated. If a time doesn't work for your schedule, please alert me to the problem and we can try to find a suitable solution. Students later than 15 minutes from start time, without a call, forfeit that lesson and will be charged

Cancellations/ Make-up Lessons

Notification is expected on the first day of the month if your student is unable to make a lesson due to vacation, school, etc. We can set up a make up lesson during that month. You must give at least 24 hours notice if you are canceling a lesson time. If you cancel a lesson on the scheduled day and the reason is not illness or emergency related, it will not be eligible for a make up lesson. Please try to call or text me at least 1 hour prior to lesson time if cancelling due to illness. Thank you.


For the month of December, I am away usually the 23rd of December to January 2 visiting my family. This is considered Winter Break.

Summer Classes

Students are encouraged to continue lessons during the summer months. I am aware that many families go on vacations during the summer. I can work around your schedule. Plus I offer a great spectrum of summer classes and camps that may be a good addition to your private lessons. Let me know if you are interested!!

Termination of Lessons

If you decide to terminate lessons at any time during the year, any tuition fees already paid will not be reimbursed whether or not the student chooses to attend the remaining lessons for the month. If you are late in paying a month's tuition and then decide to terminate lessons, you are still financially responsible for paying the entire tuition for that month. Since this is my livelihood, I kindly request that you give at least two weeks notice if terminating lessons.

Music Books

Books are not included in monthly tuition. If you wish, I can purchase books for your student and will expect reimbursement on the next lesson date, or I will give you the book titles and you can purchase the books on your own.


Recitals are held three times a year - spring, summer, and winter at which time students will have an opportunity to share their talent with loved ones. Advanced notice will be provided. Recitals are recommended, but not mandatory. Recitals are for students who have been enrolled in lessons for a minimum of 1 month and have a suitable song memorized and ready for performance. Recital fees are $10 per recital. This helps with the rental of the cafe.

Practice and Parent Support

Practice is important no matter what age. The more that one does something, the better one becomes. Work with your child to set up a daily, uninterrupted practice time to establish a routine. Sufficient scheduled practice time, on a daily basis, is the surest guarantee that your child will experience consistent progress. Parents should ask their child how practicing is going. Listen to your son or daughter practicing. Show interest in their progress. Give praise. Singing is a very vulnerable act. It takes courage. Having a safe and positive environment brings out the best in everyone!


While I do the service of recording songs that we have worked on in lessons, there are some dos and don'ts regarding what you can do with your finished Cd. Firstly, you must own the rehearsal track that we will use. Secondly, you may not sell your finished product. You may share your finished Cd with friends but you are not allowed to post it to the internet. There are certain copyright laws that you must uphold. A release form must be signed releasing Syren's Voice from any involvement of the sale or unlawful use of your recording. Syren's Voice does not retain audio file from recording sessions longer than 1 week from Cd issue. If you require a back up cd for tracks for a future recording session, you may request one.

Acceptance into Syren's Voice Studio

I have the right to refuse service to anyone. Disrespect, harassment, and unruly behavior is not tolerated. My studio is run with respect, patience, compassion, and good graces. While I am flattered that a potential student may wish to take lessons from me, it may not always be possible. Harassment, email bombardments, etc., while enthusiastic, are not appreciated. Please know that I do not accept everyone as a student. Our personalities must be compatible as well as an understanding of goals and expectations. Focus is a big factor for acceptance. If your son or daughter has trouble maintaining focus for 20 - 30 mins, then, perhaps, the time may not be right for them. Be patient. Learning takes courage and drive.

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